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Doctor stops accepting insurance, slashes prices of services

One doctor in South Portland, Maine, is making his own rules. This year Dr. Michael Ciampi, a family physician, stopped accepting all forms of health insurance, both private and government-sponsored. He then posted the prices of his services on the … Continue reading

Obamacare prices roll in lower than forecast

Plenty of Americans take a dim view of Obamacare, even though the Affordable Care Act doesn’t fully kick in until next year. It will be expensive. It will be a bureaucratic nightmare. It will complicate a health care system already … Continue reading

Help for ‘uninsurables’ mired in political battle

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans are offering to bail out a financially strapped program in the federal health overhaul, one that’s a lifeline for uninsured people with medical problems. Truce in the health care wars? Not! The GOP bill, headed for … Continue reading

Obamacare is giving small companies a headache

If you work for a small business and currently have health care insurance, be prepared. You might be in for an unhealthy surprise in 2014. That’s because companies with fewer than 500 employees are more likely than larger businesses to … Continue reading

Regal Cinemas cuts workweek for thousands, blames ‘Obamacare’

The largest movie theater chain in the country has cut the workweek of thousands of its employees, blaming President Obama’s health care law in a company memo that announced its decision. Regal Entertainment Group scaled back shifts for non-salaried workers … Continue reading

Obamacare credits could trigger surprise tax bills

WASHINGTON (AP) – Millions of people who take advantage of government subsidies to help buy health insurance next year could get stung by surprise tax bills if they don’t accurately project their income. President Barack Obama’s new health care law … Continue reading

Maryland delays start of small business health exchange

Maryland is pushing back the launch of its small business health exchange by at least three months, while the federal government is giving states another year to fully implement the program. The state’s health department changed the start date for … Continue reading

Small-Business Insurance Market Promised by Health Law Delayed

By Bloomberg News Service Small-business employees will have to wait a year before they can choose their own medical-coverage after the Obama administration delayed implementation of a provision in the 2010 U.S. health-care law. Starting in 2014, workers at companies … Continue reading

Lawsuit over health care tax could kill ‘Obamacare’

“Obamacare” looks increasingly inevitable, but one lawsuit making its way through the court system could pull the plug on the sweeping federal health care law. A challenge filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation contends that the Affordable Care Act is … Continue reading

Obamacare has more companies opting for part-timers

Another national company says it’s reducing the number of hours many of its employees will work, making them part-time staff, thanks to Obamacare. Scheduled to go into effect next year, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is expected raise health care … Continue reading