Integrative Health “Is the Missing Part” to True Wellness

The current U.S. health care system maintains our health care through the advancement and application of conventional-modern medicine and health science. Conventional medicine definitely has its place in our health system, however it’s evident that our health care today waits for an illness to develop and then spends huge sums of money on heroic measures, even then ignoring the underlying lifestyle causes. This is the equivalent of waiting for a leaky roof to destroy the infrastructure of a house and then repairing the damage without fixing the leak. This is naturally expensive and ineffective.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of the depth of the crisis is that we have come to accept such levels of chronic disease or symptoms as normal, despite evidence that much of it is preventable. Evidence has shown us that dietary imbalances are the leading preventable contributors to premature death in the U.S.

Medical care often treats the symptoms and not the cause. For example, if you can’t sleep or suffer from headaches, indigestion, have high cholesterol, anxiety, stress or depression; the doctor will routinely prescribe you medication.

People realize that their headaches are not due to aspirin deficiency and are seeking answers that address the root of the problem and aid in restoring normal, healthy body function. This is not to say that treatment of the symptoms of a condition is wrong. What would be wrong would be to think that by eliminating the symptom we have dealt with the problem itself.

As a result, many people utilize conventional medicine for diagnosis and basic information and symptom relief, while turning to complementary choices for therapy or health & wellness enhancing measures. Studies indicate that complementary approaches are often used in conjunction with conventional medicine with positive outcomes.

The Integrative Health Transitional Program offers broader concepts and includes more facets of human life than the traditional definition of health. The integration of holistic concepts and practices in conjunction with conventional care is not found in conventional wellness programs. An integrative health program will help you broaden your perspective on health and healing and offer more alternatives that support self-care and self-responsibility. viagra/ canada drug pharmacy/ when will cialis be generic

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